London Undrerground taken to court again over Ruislip Manor litter

On November 28, 2012, in Litter, by Peter Silverman

Trial hearing set for 30th January at Uxbridge Magistartes Court

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Public now being charged for dumping at Victoria Road

On November 28, 2012, in Litter, by Peter Silverman

Charges to apply for some domestic waste

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L B Hillingdon issued 3,048 on-the-spot fines in 2011/12

On November 28, 2012, in Litter, by Peter Silverman

LB Hillingdon were 7th in the league of top issuers of on-the-spot litter fines in 2011/2012

LB Hillingdon were 7th in the league of top issuers of on-the-spot litter fines in 2011/2012.

A positive response to the concerns expressed by residents in the Borough’s 2009  survey

For more on this please go to my longer post at CleanHighways.

Peter Silverman
28th Novemeber 2012 


Government taken to court over littered Denham roundabout (M40 J1)

On May 25, 2012, in Litter, by Peter Silverman

Government taken to court over littered Denham roundabout (M40 J1)

For deatils please go the the relevant page on the Clean Highways web site

Peter Silverman 25th May 2012


Park cleaned after Warning Notice sent to London Borough of Hillingdon

On January 23, 2012, in Litter, by Peter Silverman

Park cleaned up after Warning Notice sent to London Borough of Hillingdon

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Littered embankments opposite Ruislip Manor station

On September 20, 2011, in Litter, by Peter Silverman

London Underground taken to court over littered embankments opposite Ruislip Manor station

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Response to request for Halcrow reports from LB Hillingdon

On September 18, 2011, in Ruislip Lido, by Peter Silverman

LB Hillingdon refuse to provide copies of Halcrow reports

From: Richard Ingle [mailto:RIngle@Hillingdon.Gov.UK]
Sent: 05 August 2011 16:14
To: PCSFOI.PO-3.Pri-Dom@Hillingdon.Gov.UK;
Subject: Re: Ruislip Lido Improvement Programme – Ref. 3071

Ref: FOI/3071

Dear Ms Milner

I am writing in response to your request for information below and further to my colleagues acknowledgement of the 18th July 2011.

As I understand it you are requesting to know:

ALL reports produced by Halcrow to date so that residents can be fully informed of the present position relating to these reports

We are of the view that the information you are requesting would be considered to be ‘environmental information’ and as such the information requested is exempt from the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) pursuant to S39 of the FOIA however your request has been considered in relation to the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR)

I can confirm that we hold information that could be seen as marching the description of your request. However it is important to note that there is no final complete report and that any ‘reports’ produced by Halcrow to date are in draft form only. As such these reports are exempt from the requirements of the EIR pursuant to R 12(4)(d) of the EIR which provides an exemption where the request relates to  material which is still in the course of completion, to unfinished documents or to incomplete data.

We have considered the public interest in this matter and we note the following (please note that when considering the public interest test it is important to bare in mind the principle that just because the public are interested in the information it does not follow that the public interest is in favour of disclosure.)

Public Interest Factors in favour of disclosure

?          The EIR create a presumption towards disclosure

?          Disclosure can promote transparency of decision making

Public interest Factors in favour of withholding

?          The information is incomplete and does not represent the final or complete picture

?          disclosure of  copies of draft reports each containing incomplete data and information would be likely to be misleading and cause confusion

?          This confusion could not be mitigated

?          Disclosure of incomplete information would not fulfill one of the stated public interest arguments in favour of disclosure because, as the material is in the course of completion, it does not represent information on which the Public Authority will base any decision on and would not therefore promote transparency in decision making

?          it is intended that a full report will be published once it is completed

On balance we are of the view that the public interest is in favour of maintaining the exemption.

If you have any queries, or if you wish to discuss this matter please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.

If you wish to request an internal review of our response you should write, within 2 months, to:

Office Managing Partner, Legal Services, Civic Centre, High St, Uxbridge, UB8 1UW (or via email to the attention of the Office Managing Partner).

Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision.

The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: Information Commissioners Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire,



Richard Ingle


Richard Ingle

Data Protection &

Freedom of Information Officer

Legal Services (3E 04)

London Borough of Hillingdon

Civic Centre

High Street



01895 55(6923)


Request for Halcrow reports on Ruislip Lido

On September 18, 2011, in Ruislip Lido, by Peter Silverman

Ruislip Lido residents request copies of Halcrow reports from LB Hillingdon

Ruislip Lido residents request copies of Halcrow reports from LB Hillingdon Continue reading »


Agenda 14th September 2011

On August 23, 2011, in Hillingdon Motorists' Forum, by Peter Silverman

Agenda 14th September 2011








  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Notes of Previous Meeting.


  1. Chairman’s and Other Reports.


  1. Question & Answer session with Mr Cockbaine of TfL


  1. Progress on Current Issues / Ongoing Issues.

Traffic or highway related issues:

– West End Rd Congestion caused by RAF Northolt Traffic light system.

– Traffic Light phasing on the slip road of the Osie Garvin roundabout.Parkway/Uxbridge Rd

– Traffic light Phasing at theStockleyPark/ Prologis Park Entrance.


Future Housing or Industrial Site Developments

– Hayes Gas Works site Housing Development


Planning Related Issues

– WestLondonWaste Plan.

– North / South Express bus route or Sustainable Corridor.


5. Progress on Congestion Mitigation scheme Programme.

Update on the 35 sites of greatest congestion in the Borough..


6. Review of Hillingdon Forward Plan.

–         Items of interest to the Motorist Forum. – Members with Internet access should consult the Hillingdon Council website at:-


Items not discussed at the July meeting;

– Winter Services Operational Plan


  1. New Issues Raised by Members.

Issues raised at the Northwood Hills Pride of Place event:

– Several comments about the delay caused by theGreen Lanetraffic lights

– Harefield pedestrian Crossing too close to roadabout.

– Catlins Lane road surface.

-Newyears Green Lanepot holes

– Willow Tree Lane / Yeading Lane Traffic light phasing


  1. Any Other Business.


9. Date of Future Meetings.

The next meeting will take place onWednesday 9 November 2011in Committee 3A


Dick Walker – Chairman

Tel No 020 8866 6900

Email –


Meeting of 13th July 2011

On August 23, 2011, in Hillingdon Motorists' Forum, by Peter Silverman

Notes of meeting of 13th July 2011

Hillingdon Motorist Forum.



Forum Members                                                                 Hillingdon Council

Dick Walker               Jean Smith                                        Bob Castelijn

Bryan Watts              Herbert Levenger                             Cllr Brian Crowe

Martin Plummer        June Wood

John Rosser

The Chairman welcomed the new members to the Forum


1. Apologies for Absence.

David Knowles, Jean Smith, Pam & Mike Herbert, Lyn Joel, Peter Ryder, Walter Holmes, Wyne Bridges

 2. Notes of the May Meeting

The notes were agreed a true record.

 3. Chairman’s and Other Reports

– An article appeared in the Uxbridge Gazette publicising the Forum and its work. I was contacted by several people interested in the Forum.

– The Forum now has a mention on the Hillingdon Watch website:

If members have any items they would like to be added on the site please let me know.

– The Chairman and Martin attended the Northwood Hills Community event. Several issues were raised.

– I now attend the HARA (Hillingdon Association of Residents Associations) meetings. This means the Forum is in contact with all the Hillingdon Residents Associations by attending one meeting.

–  I received a reply form Mr Knowles on the Eastcote Park Estate issues raised by Mr Ryder, the reply was passed to Mr Ryder. The Estate committee wishes to thank Mr Knowles for the response.

– Martin wrote to Boris Johnson, inviting him to attend a future Forum meeting. Unfortunately he was not available, if there are any issues we wish to raise directly with the Mayor we can contact him at the Email address

– The attendance of Mr Cockbaine – TfL representative at the September meeting is confirmed.

Northwood Hills Residents Association

The 50mph speed limit along ducksHills Rdis now in operation. The Installation of the Pegasus crossing is awaiting TfL.

4. Progress on Current Issues

Traffic or High related issues:

-West Endlane Congestion caused by the RAF Northolt traffic light system.

Hillingdon is awaiting a response from TfL

– Traffic Light phasing on the slip road of the Osie Garin roundabout Parkway/ Uxbridge Rd

Hillingdon is awaiting TfL response.

– Position of theLees Rd/Uxbridge Rdbus stop.

The bus stop has been moved slightly further east – away from the junction withLees Rd.It is hope that this will overcome the difficulty of traffic turning left intoLees Rd.

– Eastcote Stn Access Scheme.

The council have confirmed that the scheme is now completed

– Taffic Light Phasing at the Stockly /PrologisParkEntrance.

It was considered that Lavender Rise should get green if A408 has no traffic and be more responsive to demand.

Response from Bob Castilijn following the meeting.-

LBH officers have been trying to resolve Lavender Rise problems forStockleyParkpeak time evening exit.


You may recall that the signals are linked from Lavender Rise down to and including the M4 roundabout.  LBH officers have had requests to ensure that once green all signals should remain so all the way onto the M4!  TheA408 Stockley Roadoperates a two-way system with side roads and signalled roundabouts of considerable size. The computer that runs them therefore will take demand form the north, south, side roads and the roundabouts into consideration. It follows therefore that side roads may not appear to respond how drivers think they should whilst the computer probably knows best.

Situation to be considered at the next meeting.

– Uxbridge Road / Gledwood Drive Traffic signals

The observation was made that at theUx Road/Gledwood Drivethe pedestrian and traffic lights go together.  Westbound drivers can not stop on time as 25m between the lights is not enough to stop for the second set of signals.

Attendees considered that the second set of signals should be timed so that drivers who can pass the first set of signals (through amber) can pass the second set as well (time lapse issue could resolve safety concern).

LBH will liaise with TfL regarding the timing of these signals.

-Pield Heath RdBus Stops.

It is clear that with the stops directly opposite one another there is a significant risk of congestion particularly at peak times. All that is needed to resolve the problem is to move the stop on the side of the road leading to the mini roundabout 50 yds further down the road. However the Chairman was disappointed to be told by Mr Castelijn that the position of the stops would not be changed.

– A40/Long Lane/Freezeland WaySignalled Junction

Observations were that the filter lane configuration on the eastbound approach is causing problems within the A40 / Long Lane junction area.  There are effectively two right turn lanes with no more than 4 vehicles able to make a right turn in one phase.  The two right turning lanes go down to one lane effectively within the junction area as the junction exit has only one lane.  Drivers sometimes also use the left turn lane to turn right during peak periods.  The lane skipping is a particular cause of concern.  Potential may exist to convert Straight Ahead / Right Turn lane into a Straight Ahead lane only.

Response from Mr Castelijn subsequent the meeting.

LBH Officers have visited the site several times, including the morning during AM peak and mid morning on14 July 2011, and have not observed specific problems.  We will continue to monitor the accident situation and behaviour on site.


– Long Lane /A4020 Uxbridge RoadTraffic Light Phasing

Observations were made that coming from Uxbridge the eastbound junction exit narrows.  The Left Turning traffic has to wait unnecessarily.  A Left Turn filter is needed so that traffic towards Long Lane has no unnecessary waiting time.  One comment was made that the phasing was bad anyway.  A further observation was made that the service road is used in two directions whilst it should be in one direction only – which conflicts with the traders wish as they do not want to lose trade.  Attendees wished us to explore potential for introduction of a left turn filter light fromUxbridge Roadtowards Long Lane.

Response received for Mr Castelijn subsequent to the meeting

There are currently three eastbound approach lanes matched by three exit lanes used by vehicles travelling eastbound onUxbridge Roadat its junction with Long Lane.  The eastbound exit lanes do reduce to two lanes further east which expects drivers to merge at a point which does not affect the junction exit capacity. Changing one of the approach lanes into a ‘left only’ lane is likely to significantly increase delay to eastbound traffic and reduce capacity at this junction.


In response to a request from the Council, TfL have been investigating the sequence of the traffic signals onUxbridge Road(westbound) at its junction with Long Lane. We have been informed that TfL are currently configuring a new control chip (PROM) which is expected to be ready to install within the next 6 weeks and should improve matters generally.


LBH will ask TfL to consider including this junction on one of their future timing review programmes.

– Stillwell roundabout lane markings

The lane marking design is under consideration.

– Road Planning for the 2012 Olympics

The M4 & M4 Spur bus lanes will be restricted to Olympic traffic for the duration of the games.

-SpringfieldRd /Uxbridge RdJunction.

 Members who live in the vicinity are preparing a response to the comments made by the Council at the May meeting.

Future Housing or Industrial Site Developments

MasterBrewer & HayesParkSites – At the time of the meeting no Planning Applications have been received by the Council

Planning Related Issues

– WestLondonWaste Plan. A detailed Assessment will be published in October.

– North / South Express bus route or Sustainable Corridor. . Alternatives are still under consideration.

5. Progress on Congestion Mitigation Programme

No developments to report.


6. Review of Hillingdon Forward Plan

There was no discussion of this item at the meeting.

7. New Issues Raised by Members.

– Traffic Light phasing at the Lavender Rise /StockleyParkjunction. This issue is included with the comments about thePrologisParkentrance.

– It was noted that during the period that the main Eastcote traffic lights were out of action for a short period the traffic flow was much smoother,in addition wthere was much less delay to pedestrians crossing the junction.

8. Any Other Business.


9 . Date of Next Meeting.

The next meeting will take place on14 September 2011commencing at7.00pmin Committee Rm 2


Richard Walker                                                                                August 2011


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